The official journey of taviametal began in 2001 as a part-time endeavor. However, owner, designer and creator, Tavia Brown, envisioned having her own studio business for years prior to that, and has slowly grown taviametal into a full-time reality.

Studying arts and crafts throughout her education, Tavia developed her love and talent of making small-scale, three-dimensional forms. While continuing her artistic studies in college, she discovered her love of jewelry and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals in 1998 from Appalachian State University. After college, she then worked for a high-end jewelry designer for 4 1/2 years - an experience that has proven to be invaluable to her growth as a skilled metalsmith and as a business owner. Following her work as a bench jeweler, Tavia kept her business part-time, helping her husband in his own entrepreneurial endeavors and sharing studio space with him. In 2007, Tavia made her transition into working full-time for taviametal.

Tavia's work has developed along with the changes in her career and family. Married to an Entrepreneur (her husband owns Frontrunner Sign Studios), and now a mother of two, she is constantly working to keep taviametal a perfect match for her and her family. Tavia thoroughly delights in being at her studio creating her one-of-a-kind and limited edition jewelry. Working closely with clients, she also enjoys designing custom jewelry - engagement rings, wedding bands, memorial objects, etc - creating the perfect item. Inspired by the dichotomies in life, by memory, by texture and by nature, Tavia designs and creates each piece of jewelry herself using lost wax casting, cold and hot fabrication, die-forming, etching, raising, and stone-setting. Expressing her style of elegance with an edge, Tavia’s jewelry continues to enhance and refine as she grows through life.