Adore your Mother's Day


A walk in the rain


 Hello again! I am always amazed how long in between blog posts I go.  A lot of life happens during my "quiet" moments on my blog.  A LOT.  And, being self-employed I have the benefit of being able to whisk out of the studio on a whim when life happens - one of my kids is sick, or an ailing family member needs help, or a friend needs a ride or a shoulder to cry on, or our house got broken into TWICE in 6 days, or hey - let's move the studio!  And, yes, all of that has happened since I last wrote.   So, this is a more personal blog post than most of my others as I see my Mother's Day approaching and I want to celebrate everything.

Here is a little glimpse into my life

I love going to work everyday - literally.  I love it!  But, I am not just a business owner and metalsmith, I am also a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and simply a human being.  So, the flexibility is great being self-employed - but kids, parents, friends, a sunny day, detectives (remember - house broken into twice!), movers, installing tools and machinery - are all part of my life.  Then there are the other aspects of work - applications, sketching new designs, communicating with customers for commission work, fixing tools, paying the bills - all very, very important - but I don't get to just sit at the bench and simply create all day, everyday - which is how it happens in my dreams.  But, I love it - all of it - all the mess and the goodness together.  The "I gotta make up some time in the studio because of X, Y and Z", along with the fresh cut spring bouquet from my garden that I bring in to brighten the studio. Moments of stress and surprises of pure joy sprinkle my life and it is all magical (see photo above).  And, in the middle of it all, I know we all have people in our lives that go the extra mile, that help us no matter what, who love us no matter what, who just simply work hard, who make us smile when we need it most.  I know I do - I am surrounded by the miracles of friends and family, a loving and supportive husband and amazing kids who are oh, so silly.  So, as I reflect on the last few months and marvel at life, I recognize the support I receive so that I am able to do all the things I do on a daily basis - love, live, and create.  My Mother's Day is not just about me - it is about all the players in my life, without whom I couldn't be the mom I am.

Family is so much a part of my work, but it is subtle.  When you browse you may not realize that you are seeing a memory of mine, or a piece inspired by someone I love.  And, although my Adoration bracelets are a little more obvious about the importance of family, and directed at moms, dads and kiddos, I remind myself that they for everyone and anyone who you, or myself, may want to cherish.  They are custom made.  You can choose a very special quote to put on the interior to tell someone just how much they inspire you and support you.  And to celebrate life and those who support us, all of my Adoration bracelets are on sale until the end of May - all of them - not just the ones for Mom.

So, remember, as you wander through the daily grind, soak up those special moments - like an unexpected walk in the rain. 

Happy Spring, Happy May, Happy Mother's Day!



 Adoration Ad

By: Tavia Brown