Change equals greatness...

At least I hope!  With the beginning of the next school year just hours away, I gaze at my sleeping children and ponder the next 10 months.  This year I am turning over many new leaves.  And, the preparation of that may have contributed to my lack of blogging as of late.  Ahem...  Anyway, one of my constant battles in life is the ever challenging balance beam.  You know the one, working and passionate about what you do for a living while, at the same time, being a good mommy and taking good care of a home.  I have managed to to a lot of introspection these last few months and I have gained some clarity.  One way for me to regain the balance I seem to have lost is to leave work early.  Yep, I said it - crazy!!  Over the last two years I have picked up my son from school and brought him back to the studio for me to work another one to two hours.  Which has been good in some respects, but mostly unproductive (at least not as productive as I would like).  So, starting tomorrow I am going to leave work at 3pm to pick up my kiddos from school and spend some much needed QT time with them at home.  This will equate to less stress in the evenings - unlike what I have been doing - getting home at 6pm and just starting to cook dinner and rush bedtime (which is always late) and fall upon the couch exhausted.  I have kept this soon-to-be newly turned leaf to myself (oh, and my husband) until an hour ago.  Tucking my sweet boy into bed I said, "Hey, guess what? I am excited for you to start 2nd grade (!) and Mommy is making a change this year too.  When I pick you up from school we will not be going back to work, we will play and do homework, pick up your sister, have dinner on time..."  And, there he lay, quiet, didn't say a word.  When I finished he just smiled and leaned up to give me the biggest hug ever.  Priceless.  And Perfect.  Growing through life means taking on change even it seems scary sometimes.  My busiest season at the studio is October through December.  I am about to embark on crunch-time in a major way and I am truncating my time in the studio (whoa!)  But, I know I will persevere.  I will succeed in turning over that other new leaf I have in my hand, which is more self-discipline and management of my time in the studio.  Why do I know it will work?  Because it has too.  It is all worth it if I get more hugs like the one I got tonight.  Happy 1st day of school to all the kiddos!! 

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