Through thick and thin

The month of January I found myself in a very introspective state.  Contemplating a colorful year that included two break-ins at our sweet home, detectives, attorneys, insurance, studio moves, family and friends health issues, and the death of my amazing father-in-law, 2012 was quite full of emotion - from the beginning to the end.  With such a heart-wrenching year, it is sometimes hard to remember the good things that happen. And I am trying hard, always aiming to be positive.  One thing I know for sure, is that my little studio business is growing each year and I have wonderful clients who put their trust in me to create their special items.  And 2012 was no different.  I am going to share with you now some of these amazing pieces that I was lucky enough to create over the busy fall season.  I hope you enjoy!        

Family Adoration Bracelets
Scarlett and Ada
charms with more meaning that one could imagine
Rachel ring
Angelo Order
Proud daddy gifts for wife and daughter
Ben's sweet gift to his mom
David and Emily and Ada
Adoration Bracelets for Taylor


Magnus' ring
Meg and Landon
sweet love
Adoration bracelet for Michelle
Frank and Nikole
Summer's ring re-do
Baby Adoration bracelet
Taylor necklace re-do
Jen and Brian
Jason and Staci



By: Tavia Brown