The Story

We often find that our deepest growth arises out of our greatest struggle. With grit and determination, I have been fighting for my dream my entire life.

Once when I was still young, a nameless, faceless adult asked me “what do you want to be when you grow up?”  I looked up at him and said “an artist”. He looked down at me and replied, with a shrug of his shoulder “what are you going to do with that?”   The message I received in that pivotal moment was that maybe my dream was wrong.

Why do we let other’s voices overpower our own?  Why do we put worth in their words above the worth we give ourselves?

Over the years I have found myself battling this doubt because of the messages others told me:   

“Is it a logical, adult decision to get a Fine Arts Degree?”
“Maybe you should get a job and make jewelry on the side?”
“How are you going to survive and make money?”
“Where are your kids while you’re at the jewelry studio?”
“What kind of mom pursues her art full time while raising babies?”

The doubt from those around me fed into my own inner critic.

Maybe I am wrong to want this? Is this all really worth it?

The jewelry I create is my armor.  It protects me from the doubters of the world. It allows me to speak my truth.  It reflects a deeper side of my story, and reminds me that I am ok, I can be me, that I can walk my walk, that my journey is not wrong.

I know you’ve had to battle your own critics. That quiet rebel inside you has awoken to show your mettle to the world.

Let my jewelry allow you to express your truth; let it be a reminder of your tenacity and your sweetness. Your grace and your grit. Your history and the openness of your future. Show your voice, show your truth, show your love.

I am an artist. I reflect on the world around me and within me through metal. My art is an ongoing discovery of balance in opposites. I play with the organic juxtaposed with the industrial. Nature married to the contemporary. The soft paired with the hard. The union of elements that evoke the duality that exists in life; embodying the journey we take, the choices we make, and how beautiful the path can be.

Embrace your dream, dear love. Show who you are. Share your light.

You are more than meets the eye.